Truescreen’s industry experts have diligently maintained communications with sources and partner locations to track and monitor impacts due to the spread of COVID-19. We will continue providing updates in a daily email as situations around the world evolve. If you have any questions, please contact your sales executive, account manager, or our customer service team.

Please see our list of impacted sources in the link below.

May 28 – Source Impact Document

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding source closures:

What if Patient Service Centers are temporarily closed?
In most cases Truescreen is not impacted by temporary court closures due to our existing electronic connections with the court through our proprietary FastPath system. FastPath covers more than 85% of the court systems in the United States. If an electronic connection to the court is not available, we can often provide an alternative court system, such as a statewide search, that covers the appropriate records.

In rare instances for which an electronic or alternative connection is not available, orders will be delivered with a comment specifying the reason. When these sources restore service, Truescreen will reopen impacted searches and re-deliver completed results. Your account manager or sales executive can help you with developing a plan to manage affected cases.

What if a lab collection site is temporarily closed?
Patient Service Centers for Occupational Health services that are experiencing temporary closures, or reduced hours, are noted within the scheduling portal. Electronic registration paperwork instructs the subject to call before arriving to confirm the site’s hours of operation for the location they have chosen, and to confirm if an appointment is needed. Any subjects that may have scheduled an appointment at a location that later closed will be contacted by our support team to reschedule at another nearby facility. In the event the subject is unable to reach a representative at the designated location for testing they should contact our Occupational Health Services team and a new facility will be identified for their use.

What if Fieldprint sites are temporarily closed?
Fieldprint sites that are temporarily closed will be unavailable within our scheduling portals. Any subjects that have scheduled a site appointment at a location that later closed will be contacted by our support team to reschedule at another nearby facility. We continue to communicate with our sites on a regular basis regarding timeframes to reopen safely. In addition, no rescheduling fees will be applied until further notice.

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